Cambelt repair or replacement in Taunton

Your car’s timing belt is an essential part of your engines workings and carrying out a timing belt replacement is needed when necessary.
It ensures that the camshafts and pistons stay working properly in unison. If you have a timing belt failure, it will usually cause serious damage to the inner workings of your engine – and more importantly, you’ll be left with a big hole in your wallet! You can avoid a potentially huge loss by replacing your cambelt in accordance with your vehicles servicing schedule.

Timing belt replacement is also a job which is best handled by an experienced mechanic with the correct equipment.

If you need a cambelt replacement then book it in today by calling us on 01823 330755.

Cambelt replacement

It’s a job which every car manufacturer also recommends is carried out at set intervals.

Even if you haven’t had your car serviced at the appropriate time, you’d be wise to investigate the cost of timing belt replacement for your car, and get the work done as soon as you can.

So when your car is due for a timing belt change, use P&N Motor Repairs for a trusted and reliable service in the Taunton area.


Water Pump replacement

You are probably asking yourself, what does the waterpump have to do with the cambelt?

Well, more often than not when we replace a cambelt its also a great opportunity to replace the inexpensive water pump as well.

Why? Because if the pump should fail then we will generally go through the same procedure again…

Why do it? Purely to save you shelling out more money.

Water pump failure? More often than not you will hear a screeching noise and will be able to see coolant leaking from under the car, causing the engine to overheat.