Exhaust repair and replacement in Taunton

Does your vehicle have strange rattling noises, excessive smoke, seem louder than usual or keeping you off the road? It is always wise to check your exhaust for damage every year or after 6000 miles – whichever is first. With increasingly stringent exhaust emission tests and a whole variety of exhaust systems now available it’s no wonder that more people are having to get an exhaust repair.

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Exhaust repair or replacement

When to get your exhaust checked?

• Older exhausts tend to get corroded and start deteriorating – especially here in the UK
• Loud noises – listen for a loud roaring sound, don’t ignore rattling noises
• Rust and Leaks – This could be due to a hole in your exhaust, again you need to listen for noises
• If your car has failed the MOT exhaust emission Test?


Catalytic converter replacement in Taunton

The catalytic converter is an emissions related component that is mounted in the exhaust pipe. Its purpose is to superheat unburned particles in the exhaust gases that are expelled from the engine.

When the catalyst isn’t able to burn off the unburned hydrocarbons in the exhaust, an unpleasant odor can occur, a rough run or misfire may be felt, or the Check Engine light may illuminate.

Do i need a Catalytic Converter?

Common symptoms include:

  • Check engine light is on or flashing
  • Car has little or no power
  • Smell of rotten eggs inside the car or out of the exhaust
  • Poor fuel economy

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