Car or Van MOT

MOT testing is a legal requirement for all vehicles over three years old, with the purpose of making sure that your car or van meets the minimum safety requirements.

Without a valid MOT, your car insurance and road tax become invalidated and your car may not be road worthy. Therefore, it is important that you make sure your MOT certificate is in date and you book your next MOT before your current certificate expires. You can do this up to one month before the end of your current MOT certificate.

We have full MOT testing facilities, which means we are able to fulfil both your car or van servicing and MOT testing requirements.

Check the status of your vehicle
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Test Station Number: V104483


Looking for an approved MOT test centre in Taunton…

P&N Motor Repairs – Fully approved and respected MoT test centre (No: V104483)

With an MOT

  • Your vehicle is safe to drive
  • You are Legal

Without an MOT

  • Your vehicle is unsafe
  • Your insurance is invalid
  • You risk points and a fine

Our fully-qualified technicians will carry out your MoT test and with hundreds of satisfied customers you can be sure of the best in service and value.

You can book your MOT quickly by calling us on 01823 330755.

An MoT tester you can trust…

Should your vehicle fail an MOT then we would like to rectify the problem for you. We will always look for the most cost-effective way of achieving this without compromising your safety.
As a DVSA-approved MoT centre, everything we do is strictly monitored. Were we to carry out unnecessary work we could lose our licence so it can’t and won’t happen.

Some of the items checked during an MOT:

1 Headlights and indicators:
If the these lights fail to work during the test then your vehicle will fail the MOT test. Likewise, if the headlight are misaligned then they will also fail.

2 Brake Lights:
If your brake lights to work while you press the brake pedal then your vehicle will fail an MOT test. This includes the brake light strip at the top of modern vehicles.

3 Number plate:
Front and rear number plates must be clear and visible. Number plate lights must be working. Customised number plates must meet the font and spacing MOT legal requirements.

4 Wheels & tyres:
Wheels and tyres must be undamaged. The minimum tread depth is 1.6mm – anything less is a MOT test fail.

5 Seats & seatbelts:
The driver’s seat should be adjust forwards and backwards and all seatbelts should be in good working order.

6 Windscreen:
Any chips, cracks or damage to the windscreen that is larger than 40mm will result in a fail. Also, any damage larger than 10mm in the “swept” area in front of the driver will result in a fail.


7 Windscreen wipers:
Wipers must be clean and free from any erosion or damage. Any tears or holes in the rubber will result in a fail.

8 Screenwash:
Top up your washer bottle before you travel to the test centre. An empty bottle is an MOT test fail.

9 Horn:
If it doesn’t work it will result in a failure.

10 Fuel and engine oil:
Make sure your car has enough oil and fuel. These are needed to test emissions and you can be turned away by the MOT testing centre if they are