A service will also ensure your vehicle is
running optimally, improving fuel efficiency
and prolonging the life of your car.


Has a light appeared on the dash?
Maybe you have gone into limp mode…
We can carry out a full diagnostic
check and quickly put you back
in the driving seat.


Some of the most important parts
on your car. Protecting you from
the road and stopping you when

If its fixable, then we can do it…

Engine repair or replacement in Taunton

What are the typical symptoms of engine problems?

Excessive smoke from tailpipe; excessive oil consumption; knocking or tapping sounds; low oil pressure; low compression; water mixing in oil; oil getting into the air cleaner and/or radiator.

What are the typical causes of car engine problems?

Normal mileage wear and tear; poor maintenance; lubrication problems; excessive overheating.

So when an engine “fails,” it does not have to be the end of your vehicle.

Smart motorists, make better decisions when they know all of the options.

When a car or van needs major engine repair, the first response and reaction of many consumers is to buy a new or used vehicle.

Sometimes disposing of your current vehicle might make sense, but often it’s simply not necessary, or even the best decision.

Talk to us today…


Clutch repair or replacement in Taunton

Do you have difficulty changing gears or do you hear a rattling / grinding sound when trying to change gears?

Maybe you can rev the engine, but your car barely moves?

These are common signs that might mean you need to have the a new clutch fitted.

Along with offering affordable, high quality servicing, all replacements and work are guaranteed.

P&N Motor Repairs offer a quality and a friendly service. When you need your vehicle servicing in Taunton, you can trust us to make sure your vehicle is ready for a long journey and will last.

We offer affordable, practical advice and will only replace the items that need replacing. Our work is guaranteed, along with the parts.

Cambelt replacement in Taunton

Your car’s cambelt is an essential part of your engines workings.

It’s a job which every car manufacturer recommends is carried out at set intervals.

Even if you haven’t had your car serviced at the appropriate time, you’d be wise to investigate the cost of timing belt replacement for your car, and get the work done as soon as you can.

You can avoid a potentially huge loss by replacing your cambelt in accordance with your vehicles servicing schedule.

So when your car is due for a timing belt change, use P&N Motor Repairs for a trusted and reliable service in the Taunton area.


Exhaust repair or replacement in Taunton

Does your vehicle have strange rattling noises, excessive smoke, seem louder than usual or keeping you off the road?

It is always wise to check your exhaust for damage every year or after 6000 miles – whichever is first.

With increasingly stringent exhaust emission tests and a whole variety of exhaust systems now available it’s no wonder that more people are having to get an exhaust repair.

Older exhausts tend to get corroded and start deteriorating – especially here in the UK
• Loud noises – listen for a loud roaring sound, don’t ignore rattling noises
• Rust and Leaks – This could be due to a hole in your exhaust, again you need to listen for noises
• If your car has failed the MOT exhaust emission Test?

Bring your car down to our premises / workshop or give us a call; we will be happy to help.

Suspension repair or replacement in Taunton

There are many vital components that are linked with your suspension, including your steering wheel, coil spring and track rod ends.

A suspension check will ensure that your vehicle is suitable and safe for the road.

We check all of the vital components of your suspension including the shock absorbers and springs.

Our trained technicians will inspect your vehicle and quickly identify any problems with your suspension system.

We will provide a full report and show you any issues we find, along with a clear quotation for any work, where required.

Our work is guaranteed, along with the parts. Call in for a suspension safety check today.


Gearbox repair or replacement in Taunton

Do you have difficulty changing gears or do you hear a rattling?

We offer a wide range of services for gearboxes, for most makes and models.

Repair services are available on all gearboxes – the most cost effective solutions for most modern gearboxes.

We also offer fully reconditioned units for most makes and models at very competitive rates.

P&N Motor Repairs can provide diagnostic services to diagnose gearbox issues accurate which saves you valuable time and money.

Our work is guaranteed, along with the parts.

Steering repair or replacement in Taunton

Steering checks cover all major components. Our technicians check power steering fluid, steering geometry and more.

Most vehicles will at some point develop problems in their systems, and fortunately most steering issues are straightforward and simple to diagnose and repair.

Some problems are specific to certain vehicles.
Our trained technicians are experts in car steering repair.

We can carryout the following checks and repairs:
Steering wheel repair
Power steering pump, pipe and rack repair
Steering box repair
Steering column repair
Steering gear repair
And much more…


Cooling repair or replacement in Taunton

Your vehicle’s engine is constantly burning fuel and gets hot.

The car’s cooling system is responsible for carrying heat away to the outside air. The cooling fan motor powers the cooling fan, which keeps the engine from overheating.

If you see the temperature gauge on your dashboard is showing a higher than normal temperature, then it’s time to have the cooling system checked!

If a defective cooling system  is left unchecked, the car will overheat and effectively become undriveable.

Chassis repair and welding in Taunton

If your car has structural damage to the chassis, it can be unsafe to drive and it will fail its MOT.

You don’t have to write the car off.

P&N Motor Repairs provide expert chassis welding that will make your car safe, and allow it to pass the MOT test.

When you have welding or repairs carried out at our garage, you won’t have to worry about their effectiveness.

All of our work carries a no-quibble guarantee.

Phone us for more details.


Diagnostic check in Taunton

The engine is a complex machine. It can be working fine one minute and not the next.

There are many things that can go wrong with the engine, some are easy to fix and take just a short time to clear.

Our engine diagnostic check will establish the reason for your cars performance or dash light issues.

We can carry out engine diagnostic checks to help pinpoint the exact fault. This takes less time in the long run and will make sure you only pay for the work that really needs doing.

With specialist computer equipment we are able to carry out engine diagnostics checks on most makes and models of vehicles.

The next time your car starts acting strange, bring it in to P&N Motor Repairs in Taunton for a full engine diagnostic check.

Tyres in Taunton

Such an important part of your car.

It is these four pieces of rubber that protect you and your vehicle from the road. People often complain that they are expensive but think about how much protection they give you!

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your car tyres in Taunton. P&N Motor Repairs promise to deliver quality but affordable priced tyres.

We believe in giving you the choice. We sell tyres from all the tyre manufacturers, including Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental and Michelin to name just a few.

Those tyres that are not in stock will be ordered and often received the same day. All tyres can be fitted while you wait.

When cost is the main priority, we will recommend the best quality within your budget. If you decide quality out weighs cost, then we will talk you through all the tyre options available.

Premium & Budget Tyres In Taunton.