Suspension repair or replacement in Taunton

If the front of your car dips when braking, is swayed by side winds or feels like it is handling poorly, you could have faulty suspension.

There are many vital components that are linked with your suspension, including your steering wheel, coil springs and track rod ends.

A suspension check will ensure that your vehicle is suitable and safe for the road. We check all of the vital components of your suspension including the shock absorbers and springs

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Suspension repairs or replacement

Worn suspension can cause aquaplaning in wet weather conditions as your tyre will not be kept firmly on the road surface and the water underneath the tyre tread forces it to lose contact with the road. This leads to an uncomfortable ride, causing some drivers travel sickness and fatigue.

If your suspension is defective, it will affect the way in which your vehicle drives and feels. Your wheels may have a lesser grip on the road , your steering could become misaligned and feel heavy when turning corners or and your vehicle may “bounce” when braking – all of which effectively equates to giving you less control over your vehicle.


Suspension repair or replacement

It is not always obvious that a problem with your vehicle suspension system is present.

This is can be due to a gradual loss of performance in the primary suspension parts and because this happens over time you may not always feel the gradual decrease in suspension performance.

Call in for a suspension safety check today.

Our trained suspension technicians will inspect your vehicle and quickly identify any problems with your suspension system.

We will provide a full report and show you any issues we find, along with a clear quotation for any work, where required.

How do I know when to have my suspension checked?

• If you feel every bump in the road or the vehicle body bounces.
• If your vehicle leans when turning.
• If you feel your steering wheel slipping.
• If your wheel is hard to turn.

Why should I check my suspension?

• Good suspension keeps steering stability.
• It keeps good handling.
• It will prevent your vehicle from rolling over.
• To have a smooth and comfortable ride.

suspension repairs and replacements