Turbo replacement in Taunton

How does a turbo work?

Turbos are a basic air pump that pushes a volume of air into the engine, which increases the power and the output. The turbo is driven by a turbine in the exhaust system.

The more exhaust gas that flows, the more air is pumped into the engine. A turbo provides better fuel economy and better performance.

Turbo’s compress air into the engine and whilst doing so raises the temperature. To help reduce this temperature and keep the turbo efficient, many manufacturers use intercoolers.

If you need a new or reconditioned turbo, please call us on 01823 330755 to assist.

Turbo replacement

Did you know…

The lack of oil or contaminated oil is the most common factor in turbocharger failure?

Turbo failure is also caused by particles, small and large, entering the air stream from intake. In order to minimise this type of failure, we always check your air filter and ducting during a service, to make sure it is clean, clear and functioning correctly.

The benefits of the reconditioned turbocharger service

More cost-effective than a new turbo exchange in the long term
Extremely competitive prices and peace of mind with a guarantee
Reduced downtime with quick turnaround


Turbo replacement

Care and maintenance of your turbo

The lifespan of your reconditioned turbo can also be improved by keeping the oil supply full and clean to ensure proper lubrication of essential bearings. Complications arise when the oil supply drops or becomes contaminated, leading to serious turbo damage.