Tyre repairs in Taunton

Repairing a punctured tyre is a cost effective way of getting you back on the road. However, this is not always possible.

If the tyre displays any of the following, it would not be legal to repair;

Illegal tread depth (below 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyre tread)
Ageing/deterioration of tyre rubber
Bead damage
Exposed cords
Faulty/poor previous repairs

If we cannot repair your tyre then we can supply most makes at very competitive prices.

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Replacement Tyres

Here at P&N Motor Repairs we supply top brands, mid-range and budget tyres to the trade and public alike, at very competitive prices.

All fitted while you wait.

Top brand:
Pirelli tyres, Goodyear tyres, Michelin tyres, Continental tyres, Dunlop tyres and Bridgestone tyres.

Yokohama tyres, Avon tyres and Firestone tyres.

Budget range:
Westlake tyres, Tigar tyres, Rovelo tyres, Wanli tyres.


Wheel Balancing

Every time When a new tyre is mounted onto an car, the wheel should be balanced to ensure it continues to rotate evenly.

Wheels that are out of balance quite often produce a vibration that is uncomfortable to the driver and results in premature wearing of tyres, steering and suspension components.

Having your wheels balanced can help to eliminate any vibrations and you will get more even tyre wear. This alone will help to increase the life of your tyres.